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Fast Pitch Softball : The Windmill Pitcher
Barry Sammons, Lisa Fernandez / Paperback / Published 1998

Softball--Pitching (Bonney, Barbara, Softball.)
Barbara Bonney / Hardcover / Published 1998

Mary Littlewood / VHS Tape / Published 1990

Strike Out : Perfect Pitch Softball
Ron Vvrae 1111 Lefebvre / VHS Tape / Published 1994

How to Pitch Fast Pitch Softball for Both Men and Women
W.F. Whetstine / Published 1985

An Introduction to Softball Pitching Mechanics : Including How to Throw Five Different Pitches :
A Basic Description for Girls and Womens Fast Pitch

Dennis Ford / Published 1990

Strategy of Pitching Slow Pitch Softball
Michael Ivankovich, Paul Johnson (Editor) / Published 1987

Strategy of Pitching Slow Pitch Softball
Published 1987

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